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Importance of Coolant Flush

Why is Coolant Flush Necessary?

Your car’s cooling system is integral, as it maintains optimal engine performance and prevents overheating. Over time, the coolant gets polluted with dirt and debris. It loses its effectiveness gradually. That is why it is essential to take measures to maintain the cooling system of your car. One way to take care of the cooling system is to get a coolant flush done. A coolant flush drains the old coolant from the system and replaces it with fresh coolant. Continue reading this blog by the Lethbridge Mitsubishi dealership in Lethbridge, AB, to learn various benefits of coolant flush.

Critical Benefits of Coolant Flush

  • Over time, debris and other unwanted particulates accumulate in the coolant. After a coolant flush, along with the old coolant, the dust also gets extracted from the system. The new coolant can absorb heat from the engine more effectively.
  • The new coolant contains additives that act as a lubricant for the water pump. It maximizes the lifespan of the water pump and ensures its smooth functioning.
  • The fresh coolant also prolongs the life of your engine components by replenishing the corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion prevention is one of the critical benefits of a coolant flush.
  • Regular coolant flush maintains optimal engine performance by preventing cavitation and erosion that occurs due to the formation of tiny air bubbles in the cooling system as a result of low-quality coolant.
  • It also extends the lifespan of cooling system components. Removing the old coolant minimizes the risk of clogs and blockages in the radiator.

Overall, a coolant flush is a highly effective maintenance procedure that should not be ignored. Automotive experts recommend getting a coolant flush done every 40,000 miles. You can also browse your car’s manual to obtain information regarding coolant flush intervals for your vehicle.

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Oil is being poured
Oil is being poured

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