snowy road with snow banks trees on left and sun flare

4 Safe Winter Driving Reminders

Living in or near Lethbridge, you are probably no stranger to driving in the snow, but a few reminders before things get really bad outside are always good. Continue reading the rest of this entry for 4 key reminders of how to stay safe on the road in snowy and icy conditions.

1: Increase your Following Distance and Brake Early

Slippery conditions call for caution. By maintaining a greater distance between your car and the car ahead of you than you would usually keep in safer weather, you give yourself more time to react and more time to deal with the road conditions. Brake earlier whenever there is any danger of ice or snow. The slower you stop, the more control you have over your stop.

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2: Tap your Brakes Instead of Slamming on Them

It’s temping to just force down your brake pedal when you slide on ice or slick snow, but it does more harm than good. Instead, tap your brakes so your wheels don’t lock up and slide.

close up of car wheel in snow with motion blur and tracks
red car buried in snow with low atmospheric light

3: Change Lanes Carefully

When roads are unplowed or when a bit of snow has accumulated between plowings, remember to change lanes carefully, especially on highways and freeways. Turn your wheel slowly and be prepared for a bit of a bump as you pass over the line of snow that builds up between tire tracks and between lanes. It may not seem like much, but if you hit one of these going at high speed, it can send your vehicle spinning out of control.

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4: Change to Winter Tires

Since chains are illegal on car tires in many areas, it is best to have a set of winter tires and change into them early. Winter safety is all about preparedness, so get your winter tires ready before you need them, and you won’t have to worry once you see the snow start to fall. Contact the service department at Lethbridge Mitsubishi to find out how to shop for winter tires!